I am a Candidate for East Allen Township Supervisor!

I am pleased to announce that I am a candidate for East Allen Township Supervisor, in the 2017 election!

Currently, within our township, we experience extremely high levels of regulation, including a requirement for a permit to move into, within or out of the township. The punishment for violating this ordinance is $300.00 or 90 days in prison.

I believe that we need to address this and many other regulations, including one which requires a permit for a sign installation where a sign is simply being replaced. Government must serve the people, the people must not be servants to their government!

Also, I am concerned that the citizens of East Allen Township get proper services in return for their tax dollars. With skyrocketing school district property taxes, counties and townships must be careful not to burden their people with excessive taxation. I want to do a cost-benefit analysis of how the township spends your money, work to prevent property tax increases and consider even lowering real estate taxes!

We expect to solicit the opinions of the residents of East Allen Township as we look to the November 7th election. We need your support if you value living in a jurisdiction that does not burden its people with a heavy hand of taxation and regulation!