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Public speaker, college guest lecturer, podcaster, and political activist

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    I attended three private Christian schools and was home-schooled for my primary and secondary education. I am a passionate advocate for home-schooling.

    I received a one-year Certificate in Biblical Studies in 2002 and a four-year Certificate in Ministerial Studies in 2006 from Penn View Bible Institute.

Vocational Experience: 

I have worked in warehousing, delivery services, healthcare, and pastoring churches in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania.

   Currently, I pastor Northampton God’s Missionary Church , serve as Eastern Vice Chair for the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, and Chairman for the Northampton Libertarian Party.

Political Experience:

I was raised a conservative and followed in the mostly clueless conservative paradigm for much of my early political life. However, with time, I began to realize that government was broken and began to look for answers and solutions to these problems.

In 2012, I wrote in my name for the Lehigh County Republican Committee and elected myself with my one vote. Read the details here!

In 2012, I was dismayed with the Republican Party  due to the underhanded methods used to stop Ron Paul in his quest to be the party’s nominee for President of these united States, such as when they changed the rules at the Tampa Convention without a clear majority, as explained in this video from Ben Swann.

I remained a registered Republican even after leaving the Lehigh County Republican Committee , until January, 2015, when I joined the Libertarian Party and the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania , and registered to vote as a Libertarian.

In 2015, I ran for Pennsylvania Constable from Allen Township. Read about that here!

In 2016, I ran for Pennsylvania State Representative from the 138th District. See the story here!


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11 thoughts on “My Story”

  1. You are an amazing young man! I can see why you are so dedicated to the Libertarian Party. May God continue to use you as a mouthpiece for truth, honor, and dignity; qualities that no longer exist in our current government. God bless you always!

  2. I like this.. “I began to understand that by believing that the Church was to influence the world for Christ, rather than to try to decree the details of their daily lives through the power of government, it was possible to believe in libertarianism, which teaches that government cannot justly make illegal any action which does not harm another individual and which does not restrict their rights.”

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